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David Conger, Graduate Gemologist
David Conger, Graduate Gemologist

Conger’s Jewellers is one of the most trusted independent jewellers in Ottawa. The business is owned and managed by David Conger, a Graduate Gemologist. Specialities are jewellery design, jewellery appraisal and repairs. We are more of a jewellery design studio than a jewellery store. Jewellery is not premade or on display.

Conger’s Jewellers purchases gemstones from the best suppliers in Canada and around the world. David searches for the best value from ethical sources when shopping for gems. He makes most of his jewellery by hand. You will find examples of previous work in the Gallery and on the Custom Engagement Rings pages. 

The business is open on weekdays by appointment.


David Conger started working in the jewellery business while a student in 1976. Eager to become a goldsmith, he picked up the skills to repair jewellery. He started doing jewellery repairs for the store he worked at – Mappins Jewellers, Bayshore Mall. His love for jewellery continued to grow, and by 1980, he had graduated as a Gemologist from the best-known school in the world: GIA.

After graduating, David moved to Toronto and worked for a local chain of jewellery stores as the head diamond and gemstone buyer. By the end of that year, David was hired to manage the jewellery repair and appraisal services for Simpson’s and The Bay across Canada. This was the first time that jewellery appraisals were offered While-You-Wait in Canada. On opening day, customer enthusiasm was so high that customers were lined up outside the store, down Queen Street (in Toronto) and around the block.

Obviously, people were very receptive to the new service. David set his sights on starting his own business in his hometown of Ottawa and returned there to establish Conger’s Gemmological Services Ltd, a local independent jewellery appraisal service. He provided jewellery appraisals in the privacy and security of customers’ homes and offices.

This was at a time when there were just one or two Gemologists in Ottawa. Most stores were shipping jewellery out of town for appraisal, and no one offered to do the work in front of customers. With a little advertising, David attracted the interest of local jewellery stores. By 1988, his business provided the jewellery appraisal service for 30 fine retail jewellery stores in the Ottawa area, as well as several trust companies and the Canada Revenue Agency – Customs & Excise.

Education & Experience

David Conger is a Graduate Gemologist with the distinction of Earned in Residence at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This distinction is above and beyond the norm of many gemologists who study correspondence courses. Residence students are required to complete more gem identification tests and diamond grading. Before an exam is taken, residence students are required to correctly identify 1050 gems. No correspondence student ever come close to this. His education was at GIA, the Santa Monica, California campus. With more than 40 years in the jewellery business, David is recognized as an expert in his field and has appraised several thousand items of jewellery.
Image GIA Graduate Gemologist Diploma

Jewellery Design

In 1992, David Conger opened a retail jewellery store in Ottawa, along with his father Gerald who had recently retired from a senior position in the public service of the Canadian federal government. This was a move into the world of jewellery sales and design. 

In 1995, Conger’s Gemmological Services Ltd. invested in one of Ottawa’s first Gemvision Design Workstations. This was a heavy investment into new technology. The design software was new to the industry. David Conger has always been committed to maintaining state-of-the-art technologies in jewellery design, including Panther 3D Design, RhinoGold, MatrixGold and now 3D printing. His love for designing jewellery is obvious to people who meet him.

What Now?

For 29 years, Conger’s Gemological Services Ltd. was a retail jewellery store at Hampton Park Plaza. When the pandemic circled the world, the store closed because of the lockdown and a lack of business. Today, David Conger works independently from his home-based gem lab and jewellery design studio. He provides jewellery appraisals, repairs and design services. Customers are welcome to meet by appointment. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus, meetings are curbside.

Quality service, personalized attention and creative design distinguish David Conger’s jewellery business from many other jewellers in Ottawa. 


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