Jewellery Redesign & Remodelling

Do you have jewellery you would like to redesign? We will demonstrate our creative talent to remodel your jewellery into a new and exciting style. It all starts with a discussion around your taste in jewellery. Let us to create a fresh new design that is perfect for you. 

Create New Memories From Your Jewellery

Remodel Your Jewellery

We are experts at jewellery redesign. Many items shown in our Gallery and our Instagram pages are remodeled pieces of jewellery.

Your new restyled piece of jewellery will include our lifetime warranty on workmanship and a full gemological appraisal for insurance purposes.

Our Redesign Process

During your visit with us, we chat with you about the style of jewellery you like. Some people like larger jewellery pieces, and some like daintier jewellery. We try to learn as much as we can to create a new piece of jewellery you will love forever.

We discuss the cost with you upfront (it depends on the complexity of the work and the credit we can give you for your gold). If you want to go forward, we take an inventory of your pieces during our meeting.

A few days later, we will call you back to arrange a time to show you some of our ideas for redesign. If one really appeals to you, we finish the piece and call you when it is ready.

Reduce The Cost - Use Your Gold

Gold is getting expensive these days so we think you should put your old gold to use. We are getting a lot of requests to make new jewellery using customer’s old gold to offset the cost. Make an appointment with us today and we will give you a quote on your new jewellery design. Your gold is worth money!


Create new memories from your jewellery

We were asked to redesign a pair of earrings into a new necklace for our customer. 

We used the entire settings in our design (less the earring backs). A Canadian diamond was added to the centre to complete the necklace.

Custom Necklace Redesign
An image of a diamond necklace redesign at Conger's Jewellers - jewellery redesign

Every design tells a thousand stories

Write to us. The possibilities are endless!
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