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Our Canadian diamonds are documented from mine to market

It is important to our engagement ring customers that our natural, mined diamonds are certified, ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds from Canada. Canadamark™ Canadian diamonds are from the Ekati and Diavik mines, located in a remote region near Yellowknife, NWT. Canadamark™ diamonds are responsibly mined in the Northwest Territories, with respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and the people living in the community. All Canadamark™ diamonds are tracked through an independent, audited process at every stage from the mine to the polished stone.

Not all Canadian diamonds are well-documented for their origin. Ask your jeweller for proof of origin and many will not be able to tell you the mine the diamond came from. This leaves room for misrepresenting diamonds as Canadian-sourced when they are not. For this reason, we sell Canadamark™ diamonds.

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A Canadian diamond we recently sold. It was a Flawless clarity grade with a D colour grade and an Excellent cut quality - very rare!

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