Emerald & Diamond Ring Redesign

Making a new ring design using the client's emeralds and diamonds.

The Goal

I was asked to design a ring using the diamonds and emeralds from unworn jewellery belonging to a customer. The emeralds and larger diamond are orbiting around a central diamond. These stones are meant to represent the customer, her children and her grandchildren. This design came about after a process which involved two previous design efforts. This ring design was the winner! Please see the customer’s testimonial below.

Before The Project Got Started

Image of Rings Redesigned for Gaul
These are the jewellery items presented for redesign.

Photo Gallery

Clients Testimonial

I had a number of pieces of jewelry that I rarely wore or no longer wore at all, and I also had a few pieces that just looked dated and were no longer my taste. Beautiful designs in their day, but not what I reached for in my jewelry box. The stones, however, were still lovely and held value and meaning. I was hoping to have a statement ring designed that not only incorporated as many of the stones as possible, but also told a story, my story. Dave Conger was highly recommended to me, and I now know why. Working with Dave was an absolute pleasure. He was very patient and listened to all my feedback during the design process. The process took some time and I let it play out as it was meant to, not rushing the steps, and making sure what we designed together was exactly what I was looking for. Dave was gracious and provided ideas and suggestions until we finally landed somewhere that began to allow my story to surface. When Dave placed the 3 emeralds and the large diamond in a mock-up of a design, there it was! My story was coming together. I immediately saw me (the diamond) surrounded by my 3 children (the emeralds). That was our jumping off point and as all the other stones were placed the following story emerged. This ring represents my solar system. I am represented by the largest diamond, never wanting to be the centre of attention so offset to the right and the three emeralds represent my children, my gems. I see them as the largest planets in my world. They surround me and support me always. All the medium sized diamonds are the stars in my galaxy, and they represent all of my supports and all the love I feel from my family and friends. They are always there to shine their light in my universe. The smaller diamonds on each side of the ring represent my grand babies (4 at present) and the grand babies and future generations yet to come. They are my legacy, and they surround all of us in this orbit. I am astonished by what Dave created for me. The final ring is exactly what the design renderings looked like. It is a beautiful and meaningful piece of art that I will cherish always. Thank you so much Dave. You are a true and great craftsman.
Jenn Gaul, Ottawa