Diamond & Sapphire Ring Redesign

Making a new ring using the client's sapphires and diamonds.

The Goal

Make a nice ring using some of the gold and gemstones from the items in the next picture. It was decided that I should use two sapphires from the earrings, the diamond from the engagement ring, and some small diamonds from some of the other items would go into the new ring.

Before The Project Got Started

Jewellery From Customer To Redesign
Here is the jewellery that I received for redesign.

Photo Gallery

Clients Testimonial

Thank YOU Dave. I’m really happy with the ring. Hubs was too ?. I posted photos on insta and fb. I don’t have a large following on either platform but I’ve received more “likes” than I usually do for my posts. LOL. By the way, I think this setting for the diamond really brings out its best qualities. I don’t ever remember it being so flashy and sparkling.
L. Squissato, Ottawa